Friday, December 25, 2015

Xmas Gift Exchange 2015

First and foremost
'May everyone blessed with joy and happiness in this special season'

So, months ago I came up with this idea of gift exchange during christmas. Ever since all of us started working, there is limited time to hang out together. So in this special season, it was good that everyone adjust their shift time just to spend some quality times together.

A simple dinner on Christmas Eve at Richmond. HAHA seriously i forgot when was the last time I went there but I remembered vividly it was the first western restaurant that I went to when I was young. 

Merry Christmas with this bunch of girls! It was our first time exchanging gift and had christmas dinner together i guess? Hope we can still continue for the remaining christmas! 
Yeah, gift exchange of minimum of RM20 HAHAHA! Thanks all of you for making this happen because everyone was busy with work and etc. Really appreciate this! 

All of us with our presents! HAHAHA!
A lot of fun and laughter especially we do not know whose present we gonna take! It's all depend on fate.. And me and yuki wished that we didn't take Aii present because her present was damn heavy! I guessed it's can food or something? She wrapped it in a big box! Somemore the present paper was not enough LMAO! 

*Everyone was very excited and Amber's present got the most vote as the wrapping was damn nice! 
And that 2 ladies Yuki and Aii kept touching my present and they can guessed it already! Hmph, not fun so not fun! 

It's present exchange time because Li Ping need to leave early as she worked night shift.
Yuki will took the lead because she was the oldest in the group HAHAHA!


She already knew what was my present =.= But I can assure you that this will definitely more comfortable than yours HAHAHA!

Oops, Li Ping with this heavy present! Anyone want take a guess on this present? 


See Yuki so happy because she wants Amber's present so much! HAHA

Let's have dinner first before we unwrap our pressies =)

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Okay, the big box present revealed! 4 different flavours of drinks! HAHAHA!!
No Wonder so heavy!
Lovely night with them with all the fun

Then, we went to MK for chit chatting
Hello Aloha Chicken Pizza, quite nice though
I was hungry the whole night and I got no idea why =.=
One Lamb Chop was not enough for me

Pavlova RM9
Taste okay but for me nothing special because it was too sweet for me 

Hope our friendship never changed, the other 3 in KL and Singapore
My Unimates and Housemates for the past few years
Now all of us stepping into the working world, Ahh time flies!

Then, countdown together at Junk then Lido and that's the end of the night! 

-Till Then-

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lazy Saturday

You can't control everything
Sometimes you just need to relax and have FAITH that things will work out
Let go a little & Just let life happen

Less than 3 months to 2016 and I have abandoned my blog for so long. Did not blog about most of my travelling trip. Lose count of a lot of beautiful memories and life experiences. So I decided to start all over again. God please grant me more persistency! 

Lazy Saturday, Agnes asked if I want to go out and do our assignment together. Of course I said YES without any hesitation as I have dragged my task for months! Intend to try out the high tea at The Pipe but realised it was some kind of lunch buffet with simple high tea. So, we changed our mind to 

Borneo Coffee
Very comfy environment that surround with nature
Affordable price for food and drinks, however was a little hot if you don't mind sweating
So, we ended up chatting and taking photos the whole afternoon Lol!

-Having our good time, albeit didn't met the purpose-

After high tea, last minutes decision to just chill out the whole day. So we bought groupon voucher for Peppergrill Western Dinner for RM28. Food was so so and waited quite long. 
Then, just chilled at Dejavu - Pullman

Simple drinks with a bowl of spicy nuts accompanying with awesome live band
What a night! We enjoyed ourselves very much!

While accomplishing your dreams, don't forget to ENJOY LIFE too :)

Friday, June 12, 2015

My 16 days of Aussie Backpacking 1.0

It had been a long long time I didn't update my blog....
The day you stop blogging, the day your influence die according to Timothy. Yea I had to find back my passion for blogging which is share all my travel experience with people who love travelling like me. Literally, his post in Dayre had somehow inspired me to write more. Hopefully my Aussie backpacking is a good start for me =)

Been travelling quite alot this year. Phuket, Langkawi graduation trip, HK & Macau with gang and this Aussie Trip with Amber. Imma blogged them soon* Promise! Hehe

*Okay...Back to topic*

It was kind of a crazy decision to go to Aus because our initial plan wasn't backpacking in Aus. Initially, Michael, Clayton, Amber and I booked our one way ticket to Mel because we wanted to go for working holidays in NZ (Thanks to Michael who kept persuading us to book the one way ticket, if not we will not go to Aus as well). Well, things did not went what we thought of...We didn't managed to apply the working holiday visa. So Clayton and Mic did not want to go so they burned their ticket. However, me and amber did not want to waste the one way ticket. So I suggested to backpack in Melbourne & Sydney with low budget. She then agreed with it and here start our 16 days backpacking story.

Thank you AirAsiaX for having promo so our one way ticket to Melbourne cost RM400 without luggage. We then booked our return ticket from Sydney to Singapore then to KL by using Scoot Airline. It cost us around RM850+ which inclusive of 20kg baggage allowance. Oh ya, the expenses for my entire trip is less than RM5K which was abit impossible?! But anyway we made it and I would like to share some insider tips with those who want to backpack in Aus but with low budget. 

'No matter how much budget you have, there is always a way for you to travel and it will make you discover something new, as well as a memories that last a lifetime'

On the 19th of May, I flew from KCH to KUL and spent a night in KL as our flight to MEL was on 20th noon. Before flying, we planned to eat Texas Chicken as both of us craved for it quite long already since KCH did not have. However, I came across this shop and they are having promo for RM1 spaghetti. AHAH! RM1 only why not?! 

Thanks to Nanny Pavilion for this RM1 Spaghetti

See my big bowl of spaghetti bolognese for my brunch

D7 212 KUL-MEL ready to fly! We didn't check in any luggage because backpack travelling ma! 

Me and my dirty orange backpack which I just sent to repair a day ago. Actually quite small for me as the time we went to Aus was near to Winter so I brought quite a number of thick clothes but alot of dress and skirt as well. *Continue the clothes story later on

Up Up here we go. My first long hours flight. It's about 8 hours OMG! The only option for you is sleep through it. BUT!!!

Our grumpy faces! Damn lah the Indian aunties behind us talked non stop like few hours straight and quite loud also. They chatted like there was no tomorrow and woke me up. I was kinda pek chek and keep told myself to be patient. I still coughed loudly hope to signal them to low down their volume. =.= But still, nothing changed. I almost wanted to turn to them and said excuse me can u please lower down your volume. But at last I didn't because my sleepy worms all gone ady.

Get a little hungry during night time so we ordered Nasi Lemak - the yummiest food on AirAsia HAHA. It was actually quite yummy. Liked their sambal and curry

Filled the arrival card with details and declared everything that I had brought with me because friends told me custom of Australia was really strict and if you brought any medicine or milo with you, you better declare to avoid any misunderstanding. 

Finally landed in Tullamarine Airport (MEL) after 8 hours of flight! My butt almost flattened ady. It's 11.30pm in Mel. Their time is ahead of Malaysia time 2 hours. Went through the custom and they were not fierce as I thought of. Everything went on smoothly and we proceeded to the tourist information counter outside. Our plan was overnight at the airport until tomorrow =) Everything quoted was in Aussie Dollar.

Went to the tourist information counter at the airport and served by a super friendly and kind aunty whose name is Angie. She was from Singapore and helped us a lot by introducing places to go, what to get and everything. She even helped us to book our overnight train to Sydney and we paid her back in cash. Was really touch by her kind act because we were so new to mel and not familiar with the place. 

Now, what you must buy at the airport information counter:

1. Get a Myki Card at $14 where you had $8 credit inside.
It just like our Rapid Card and you only need to reload and tap on tap off on train and buses. It was more convenient for people that rely on public transport. And I told you I really really really love Australia's infrastructure especially their public transport! You can go everywhere you want if you had an Myki Card with enough credit with you! HAHA! If you went there for more than a week, you can chose weekly usage which was more affordable. While for us, we went for the normal plan because we actually planned to self drive for the last few days in Mel. They got a system that maximum daily usage for Myki is $7.50 so no matter how many times you tap on tap off, it was $7.50! It's good for tourist like us because we can go whenever we want!

For more information click this link to their website Myki

2. Get an Iventure Card if you plan to visit the attraction all by yourself
Angie intro this to us since we told her we gonna do self drive to Philip Island and Great Ocean Road because this can helped us save alot. So we chose the plan that we can choose whatever 5 attraction in both Mel & Syd with prepaid $169. So yeah, Iventure card helped us save about more than 30AUD in the entire trip. 

For more information click this link to their website Iventure

3. Get those maps and information leaflets because there were some discount vouchers inside.

It was already 2 something in the morning and time to sleep. It was so freaking cold and the airport was bad than KLIA2 =( I cant find a proper spot to sleep.

The only option. But I didn't slept well and kept finding a good position. Sigh!  Can't wait the sun to rise and we can go back to sleep!

Breakfast at Subway. They got the menu that bacon with poached egg! Oh yummm! My favourite poached egg le! Why Malaysia don't have... It cost me $5.50 without drinks. Ahhh cannot convert, if you convert then you gonna cry. HAHA

*Waiting patiently for 8AM!
Why? Because our host will come to airport and pick us up to his house! Yeah!!
Why host? Yea another great thing I want to introduce you all is Airbnb. We had pre-booked our stay through Airbnb and it was just awesome! It was much more affordable than a backpacker dorm and you can have more privacy. We booked our stay at West Footscray with the host - Cameron. He was so kind and friendly and agree to pick us up at the airport with $25. FYI, the skybus from airport to city cost $18 per pax and $25 was really cheap and we no need to look for the house after a long night at the airport. If any of you was interested to stay here do left a comment and I will give you their contact. 

Booked for 4 nights and one pax is RM270+ after divided.

We got a private room for ourselves and a double bed with all the necessary things inside. The host was very thoughtful and there was towel for us too. The bed look super comfy so we just slept through the day after a long night at airport. 

Woke up in the afternoon felt so energetic! HAHA so we decided to explore the nearby supermarket.

The neighbourhood where we stayed at, so peaceful haha!

Supermarket in 5 mins walking distance. Good so good!

OMG! looked so good! 

From Aldi the supermarket! My gosh I mad love Aldi because everything was so damn cheap! Imagine that big bottle of milk only $1.99? HAHA! The Bacon only $2.99 and the instant noodles only $0.99.  FYI, Aussie is really a high expenses country so one of the reason we chose to book Airbnb is because we can used the kitchen and cook, then we can save alot despite eating out. Can u imagine one egg mayo in 7-11 cost $5? So imagine eating a main course would cost..........

The bus stop where we get to city only less than 5 mins walk from the place we stayed! I felt that I was very imba because I just booked this place follow my instinct! Turned out to be pretty good! =)

Hello Melbourne =)

Our dinner - Instant Noodles with egg and fried bacon. HAHA
Their instant noodles was quite tasteless because no MSG added. Healthy but..... I prefer maggie! HAHAHA

There was this German couple checked in as well and they stayed in another room. So the host listing down the places where we can go tomorrow. 

Travel makes you know people from all around the world, we all have different cultures and belief, so there was some cultural exchange here.
Realised the western was so healthy and they did not eat instant noodles. Perhap once for few years? Not like us who treat our maggie as main course. HAHAHA

Okay, I will continue 2.0 soon.

Saturday, May 2, 2015


从陌生人到朋友到知心,这两年有着无数的快乐,搞笑,神经的回忆。这片博文将会记载着这两年我们一起走过的点点滴滴。好久没用中文写了,这次想用中文因为可以比较容易形容的贴切些 =) 

我们一起Diploma毕业的日子,一起skip class就为了参加graduation!



怀念一起cho dai di的日子,谁拿小三,还不快点...哇老你没有读书啊,出那么大!...
怀念一起puak kiao的日子,八九点,21点,什么都可以玩,过完年我们照puak! Ting永远是庄家,没办法,谁叫他是唯一的男生 =)

会怀念每天一到学校到后面的mamak点一杯teh tarik,叫nasi lemak panas, maggie goreng (kurang pedas/masin) 因为每次味道都不一样又或是roti telur bawang等等。
会怀念大家搭了2个小时的public transport就为了吃Ikea的chicken wings, meatballs。
会怀念被锅吵醒就为了吃dim sum的时候,还有每星期3pasar malam的清汤,干捞,麻辣,炒果条,芒果冰,鸡排等等。



会怀念半夜睡不着肚子饿一起叫MCD,KFC delivery的日子。或是有人煮了maggie特地去你的房间吃扇那个味道给你。我家就住着这样的小恶魔!




NEWAY,REDBOX是我们常去的地方。有什么promo我们都懂。有时还skip class就为了去chiong K.最爱玩和声,唱想你的夜唱到像在杀猪,还有homesick时唱的只怕想家等等

每逢回家就会打包一大堆kolomee,mee pok,lee fah公鸡面,daddy面来KL,冰箱永远都不够装!因为我们有太多吃不完的食物,tsunami来我们也不会饿死!冰箱冷冻的格永远都有各式各样的hotdog,nugget,ham, meatball, fishball..在大学的朋友们应该也这样吧?

第一次sem break我们一起去genting玩的日子!没有full因为有些回家了。还记得第一个sem,我病得很严重。是她们带我去看医生,煮粥给我吃,我病得昏昏沉沉,他们定时拿药给我吃,坐在我的床旁边到睡着,到最后我撑不了顶机票回家,他们帮我收拾行李,放了hundred plus,glucose在bag因为我已经脱水了,也一起送我到机场。谢谢你们

最开心的时候就是sushi king Bonanza时,每天吃都不会腻。让我们疯狂的RM3一碟,吃着吃着,两年就过了...

我们人生中第一次的Debate,也是最紧张的一次。还记得每次什么都who say so的lecturer,第一次debate后我们觉得自己像泼妇在market杀价。可是也感谢有了这次的经验。

因为是Tourism的学生,所以我们有蛮多的trip.第一次去chilling waterfall,差点溺死。哈哈哈
穿着pink colour 的berjaya tee让别人说我们象maid!LOL 
为我们Intercultural presentation做的Italy旗和第一次去Thaipusam的庆典,人多到..........

我们的International Tour去Hanoi, Vietnam,4天3夜之旅,一起organised的trip

Hospitality们第一次一起organised的Event - Fasching Night

去Pulau Ketam的trip当然也因为assignment,我们的韩国朋友,Andrew和我们一个group.到现在我们还有跟他保持联络哦!他即将结束他当兵的日子,可是我们已经离开BUCH了

我们的Entrepreneur Subject,卖了WIFI SD Card。很不错的体验,这里我学到了不是每件事情像我想的那么简单。没有努力就没有收获。当然经验很重要,不要轻易放弃更重要。

Food and Culture subject,为了制作Som Tam我们去了一趟HatYai,开心有这么一群疯狂的groupmates. 一起吃喝玩乐。Sustainable Tourism和Miss Lisa一起Outing的日子,虽然我曾经跟她有过节!哈哈哈*往事就别提了

Sushi Zanmai是我们的最爱!爽爽就去吃!Tamago Mentai应该是Aii Aii最怀念的东西

每逢过年期间,我们就会shop到乱!从Time Square shop 到 Pavilion永远不嫌累。最爱的H&M,MiraMew,Miracle,Forever 21, Cotton On等等
买了新衣回家就要穿出来给大家看,在客厅走个fashion show

Tourism Professional Activity去玩ATV,好刺激因为我飞车了!哈哈哈!被那两个小鬼笑死
比起其他course, tourism是好玩很多,但并不是耗时间过日子的course,我们不只玩,在玩的同时我们也学到了很多东西

以下是我们这两年的生日庆祝,Block C的邻居们非常抱歉常常让你们半夜听到生日歌和一连串的笑声,现在没有了。
永远玩不完的surprise,生日mission,非常creative的我们每个生日都很多pattern!以后没有人半夜12点推我下swimming pool了,没有人冲进我房间拿一个没有蛋糕的蜡烛给我吹,好怀念






那时我们一起去theme park死死拉jean去做roller coaster,拉到象要拉去砍头那么辛苦,而我也发誓那是我最后一次玩!因为safety belt到一半松开,我以为我的人生就要say bye bye了。吓了我半条命!我真的有phobia了




这是我Research FYP的advisor Dr Shaheen.谢谢你的advice和那么多的guidance.

我们的家从今年起就非常乱哈哈哈!因为太小了!再见了C1309.我会想念你的,虽然你有很多蟑螂baby和妈妈 =.=

我tourism的kaki,很开心这两年和你们上课的时光!谢谢你们每次group report都帮我做reference,combine,弄alignment bla bla bla. 我们真的有很多回忆,希望以后我们也会继续38下去!哈哈,新的生活,大家要加油!

很开心有你们 =)

*Spend so so long time for this post and finally I did it! These 2 years had indeed a memorable one and yea this is the story of my degree life =)